Reduce Reuse Recycle ~ Trade in your vase Campaign

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle....

Who needs to declutter? Who has too many vases in their kitchen cupboards? Why not get rid of them in a useful manner....

Beautiful vases make a statement, and complete a look along with a lovely floral arrangement, and a piece for further use in home decor.

We all seem to get a vase in most cases when receiving an arrangement. Not always do we need a fancy vase, or a brand new one for that matter to accompany our flowers....  

We decided to launch a environmentally ( and wallet ) friendly idea.... For every used vase you bring in to Charmed we will trade you for a store credit. We will have the " new to you" vases for sale as a budget friendly option to our customers as well. 

Please call 780-459-5764 for more details

Thank you friends! 

Have a wonderful Day :) 


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