The language of flowers a new way.

The language of flowers a new way.


Im at work and the phone rings....

~Hi, id like to send flowers for a special birthday for my best friend.... Im so upset I can not just go see her and take her out today to celebrate.... Please make her something lovely!

~ My friend has been really down lately, could you please send her something bright, happy and cheery? 

Just want to send my wife, some "just because I love you flowers", can we do that today? 

These are just a couple examples how the gift of flowers brings light and love to people everyday... As I sit down to write this blog I wanted to share a few things.  I was thinking about the history of "the language of flowers", the feelings behind sending flowers, and how special the gift of  flowers really are.  

Flowers have played  import roles throughout history.                                  

Here is one of them.

The language of flowers or ~Floriography is communication through flowers and their cryptological meaning.  This form of communication has been around for thousands of years, and still is, although not nearly as popular today.

In the Victorian Era, sending flowers with secret meanings, became widely used.  It was a time where open acts of expression in many ways, was not looked upon.  People found a way to express what they needed to, through flowers. Each flower held a meaning, and put together in a bouquet, could bring across a larger message, a language many learned to love. Floral dictionaries spread across the countries. If you received a bouquet ,you wanted to decode the meaning, and figure out how you would respond with flowers to send back. Floral art was also on the rise,  and many artist used Floriography in their masterpieces, not just for beauty, but also for the expression and meaning behind it.


Today flowers still hold the important role of sending and receiving messages, and emotion. We no longer have to decode each flower to know the meaning behind the gift,  as we can say it now with a little note attached. The difference is, we are now in a time when we physically cannot be with our loved ones. Flowers have once again done the amazing job to share and send love openly, when we cannot ourselves give a hug, or be with our loved ones in person. The language of flowers is back, in a new way :)

I appreciate flowers every day for so many different reasons, and this is only one of them. 

~If you would like to learn more about the language of flowers, the meanings, and the history behind it, there are many online articles, books, and dictionaries available.







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