Fun Flower Facts ~ Gladiolus

August is Gladiolus Month! 

Some fun facts about Glads are:

August born babies have Gladiolus as a birth flower

The Name Gladiolus came from the Latin word Gladius , which has the meaning of sword. Some times is nick named  the sword lily.

This flower represents Strength,and  remembrance .

They Grow from 2- 6 feet tall. 

Gladiolus are in the Iris family (Iridaceae) 

They take about 90 days to grow from bulb ( corm)  to flower 

Parts of the British and Mediterranean gladiolus plants, have been used to as medical treatments in the past to remove splinters and thorns.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     This is just a couple reasons to LOVE GLADS!!!!