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The language of flowers a new way.

                                           Im at work and the phone rings.... ~Hi, id like to send flowers for a special birthday for my best friend.... Im so upset I can not just go see her and take her out today to celebrate.... Please make her something lovely! ~ My friend has been really down lately, could you please send her something bright, happy and cheery?  Just want to send my wife, some "just because I love you flowers", can we do that today?  These are just a couple examples how the gift of flowers brings light and love to people everyday... As I sit down to...

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Tips to making your floral order extra special

So you would like to send flowers.  ~Here are a few tips to making your Floral experience awesome!  Tips your florist needs to know- ( It seems like we are noisy sometimes, but really we just want to make sure we can come up with the perfect design!)  1.) What is the occasion that you need flowers for?  2.) What is the receivers personality like - ex. funky, fun, artistic, traditional 3.) What is their favorite flower? 4.) What is their favorite color?  5.) What is the message you want to express with flowers? These little questions add up to make your floral piece personal and custom.  We florist love to add personal touches!  So next time you order flowers be...

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