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Charmed Floral Design Inc.

Accessories by Cara

Accessories by Cara

Beautifully made by our local girl Cara. She makes lovely lava and healing stone stretchy bracelets and awesome scrunchies! We have a wide variety available in our shop, please call to see what’s available. 
bracelets are 15$

scrunches 12$ 

for more information you can find her products on her Facebook and Instagram Pages. 
accessories by Cara 

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** Please note, there may be some floral substitutions based on seasonal availability **

Caring for your Arrangements

Arrangements | Please add 1/4 cup of water to the arrangement every 2-4 days keep your flowers fresh + looking their best!

Caring for your Bouquets

Bouquets | Prepare your vase by mixing half the flower food package provided and fresh water, making sure to fill your vase 3/4 full. Chop the ends of the stems of your bouquet at least 1" from the bottom and place quickly in the water. Add water frequently to your vase when it gets low, and re-cut the stems/replace the flower food and water weekly to ensure your flowers stay beautiful for as long as possible

Caring for your Plants

Plants | We water our plants on Saturdays, so you may want to stick to the same scheduled after receiving your newest plant Baby. For succulents/cactus from our stores, we water on the 1st of each month.

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